• Complete this form to register for the Enchantment Awards directly or if you have been nominated by your school. To register directly, you must be attending a public, private, or charter high school in the state of New Mexico. If you are homeschooled or attending an online school, please contact a public high school near you to arrange to be included in the school's registration to our program. You can also register through charter schools authorized by Albuquerque Public Schools.

    For students not nominated by a school production, please complete the questions about the show and role as if you had been cast in a production.

  • Your high school must be a public, private, or charter school registered with the State of New Mexico Public Education Department. If you need further guidance, send an email to nmhsmta@gmail.com.

  • Check that your show and role are on the Jimmy Awards Qualifying Show list.

  • Audio/Video Device Information

  • We will be using smartphones or tablets as video cameras for the Enchantment Awards. We expect to send microphones to all finalists for Best Actor and Best Actress. We will rely on your audio equipment for Directors Choice Chorus members. We need to know what kind of devices you have available to you.

    Use these images to answer the questions below.

    Mini-stereo input

    Apple lightning connector

  • Check all that apply.

  • Education and Parental Contact Information

  • If you answer yes to either question, we will contact you and your parents separately.

  • In case of emergency, please list a secondary contact below.

  • Participation Consent

    By checking the boxes below, I agree to all the terms of participation enumerated on the Enchantment Awards website, nmhsmta.org especially, for the purposes of this form, nmhsmta.org/participation, nmhsmta.org/eligibility and nmhsmta.org/directors-choice. To confirm your participation, we will send a confirmation email to all email addresses listed above. Only upon receipt of the confirmation emails will your participation be considered official. By checking the boxes below, you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are giving consent to be adjudicated by our program in your role indicated above (if applicable), to participating in our awards show program and its rehearsals, to the program using your likeness and your voice as captured during the awards show (May 21, 2021) and in rehearsals (May 1-20, 2021), and (if applicable) consent to participate in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, the Jimmy Awards, online (approximately June 20-July 1, 2021). Specific program dates are included at nmhsmta.org and are subject to change. Nominees for Best Actor and Actress must consent or agree to all three conditions below to be considered for those awards.
  • By signing below, you commit to participate in the Enchantment Awards (New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards) with conditions stated herein and on our website (nmhsmta.org). You agree that you are available for all dates, including those for the Jimmy Awards (if applicable).

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